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Being a parent of a child entering college can be worrisome for many reasons. As a parent, you want the best for your son or daughter and want them to excel in their new realm of education. Help your child build their skills to become the ideal candidate for their dream college or internship. We will measure their growth over time through assessments tied back to what THEY want to get out of it. Then we connect them to those opportunities (scholarships, internships, mini projects, other people interested in the same areas). And all the while, they will come out as the experts who built their own unique success story.

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Help Your Child:

Go Beyond Their SAT Score

Go Beyond Their GPA

Go Beyond Their Resume

You know your child is unique. Help them cultivate their individuality and develop their unique skill set. Create and share their own personal journey of growth and development by honing in on what they are best at.  

What we do:



What skills your child needs to be successful


and develop those skills

Find Opportunities

that fit your child’s interests and skill set to help them progress


“How do we prepare our children to be successful in today’s world?  21st century learners need to develop a set of soft skills that are in high demand in today’s workforce.  Employers are extremely focused on interpersonal skills, analytical reasoning, complex problem-solving, agility and adaptability.  Finding a way to provide an educational environment that sustains and promotes these soft skills is paramount.  The ability to track these skills is essential yet challenging.  Spect has solved this problem by creating a way to help learners build a soft skill portfolio  As a parent of five and a director of a progressive learning environment, I am absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Spect in order to foster both formal and informal learning!”

-Jaynie Wilkins-Earley, Parent and Co-Founder, Ignite School House


Help your child cultivate their individuality and unique skill set.

Follow along with their community service hours.



their skills to attract The Right opportunities


their progress to seek out new opportunities for growth


upon their desired skills


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