A. Get on our mailing list and when the app is available we will contact you.

Q. is there a charge for the leaderlync app

A. At the present time the basic app is provided free of cost to all users. In app purchases for Premium content will be released when it is developed.  

Q. my school is not using the leaderlync app, can I still join?

A. We created this tool with users like you in mind. Even if your school is not on our system, please join and use the app to keep a log of your involvement! We would love to encourage you to ask your school to adopt the platform! Contact us if you want help onboarding your school on the platform.

Q. will this app help me get into the college of my dreams or get employed?

A. This app will allow you to put your best profile forward!  

Q. can i export my profile to linkedin or other social media?

A. We encourage you to start highlighting your LeaderLync Score on social media. Export features will be a premium add on.


Q. do you have brand ambassadors?

A. We rely on our users having a positive experience with our tool. Please contact us if you love the app and want to share your experience with others!